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Holistica Foundation Inc is a nonprofit organization aiming at alleviating social and economic differences by helping the current poor generation of students to become wealthier compared to their parents. The way we do it is by stimulating the healthy habit of everyday reading. We believe that when one loves to read, one’s perspectives in life become more clear and thus, attainable.

You can see our external profiles at independent organizations such as GlobalGiving.org and GuideStar.org. 


We believe in education. It’s key for empowerment and change.

With your donation we will purchase literature books to students who have never been given books before. This is a unique opportunity to help them to fall in love with reading.

We believe in the power of the digital network to promote world change.

Good actions go viral! Make your gift count even more by joining us in a digital chain of goodness! Share stories, share love!

We believe in professionalism.

Get constant and consistent feedback via downloadable reports, pictures, videos, audio and more.


We work hard to transform the lives of students in the most impoverished areas in Brazil. Our goal is to incite their curiosity and stress the importance of literacy in their lives in hopes that one day each student will have the opportunity to tell their own amazing story.

By gifting students new and incredibly engaging literature books, we are sure that we can begin a reading revolution!

Holistica Foundations supports 1BOOK4LIFE Program, which is responsible for operations in Brazil. Through the Program, we are able to:


  • Gift books to ALL students of the selected school on the same day.
  • Each student is gifted a set of TWO brand new literacy books.
  • The books are a gift to the student, which means that they belong to him/her.
  • We offer a great variety of books which means that in a classroom all books gifted are different.
  • We encourage students to exchange books among themselves.
  • Monitoring and evaluation is very important to us.
  • All books are BRAND NEW and were specially selected to help students to fall in love with reading.
  • The book catalogue is provided by one of Brazilians largest publishing company.


In Brazil only 1 in every 4 people are fully literate. Millions of students do not like to read, spending most of their lives without having, not even once, a good and involving literature book in their hands. Thriving in life is harder for one who does not like to read.

We believe literacy can literally change lives. Understand Brazil’s educational crisis and how reading can help students to seek a better future.

Reading Leads To A Smarter & Brighter Future!


“Reading is fundamental” and “Knowledge is power”, both are hopefully old adages that you have heard countless times before. They continue to resonate to this day because of the power and evidence of their truth. When someone is incapable of reading, they are undoubtedly alienated from the world around them. Books convey new ideas and emotions but maybe even most importantly, expose the readers to new worlds. Reading can be the basis for the blossoming of new friendships and reading opens up the reader to new vocabulary that will help advance their ability to clearly communicate their thoughts. We believe providing these tools and materials to the classrooms of Brazil will aid in creating a future where our students are not only well read, but both inquisitive and impactful.

We have been so fortunate to see the positive effects of reading within various classrooms as teachers have reported their students’ strengthened reading comprehension skills and most importantly, a newly found confidence.

It is because of your donation that we are able to continue to make any impact of our own. Your donations help us to supply classrooms with brand new literature books, full of new stories and adventures that will inspire and educate. Your funding helps us to provide students in impoverished areas of Brazil with an opportunity to succeed and a chance at true success.


Students need books!

We can't do this work without you. Please make a gift today so we can continue to bring joy and hope for a better future to students in Brazil.

Take action! Donate today. Give the Gift of Literacy.

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